Through offering different services in the logistic chain, there has been an increased demand in the past few years for offering a complete logistic chain.

Because of this demand we have specialized us also in the shipping of the goods that we handle daily. Hereby we are now able to offer the compete logistic process from:

– Technical Intervention (P.D.I.)
– Storage (Duty Free Zone)
– Painting
– Customs (AEO certified)
– Transport
– Shipping

We are mainly active in shipping Roll on / Roll off cargo like:
– Cars
– Trucks
– Earthmoving & Mining Equipment
– Forklifts

By adding this service we can offer the complete logistic chain whereby all expertise is in house, which makes it possible to be cost efficient and flexible whereby we can meet the customer’s requirements.

More and more we are asked to dismantle machines and put them in containers, from pick up to dismantling to container transport, we offer door to door services.